Writing and Communications

Over the past two decades I have developed compelling content for dozens of leading enterprises in the US, Canada and Europe, working in B2C and B2B environments on internal and market-facing projects.

Specific areas of expertise include brand development, strategic marketing and sales collateral, PR narratives, advertising copy, direct mail, targeted e-mail, SEO content strategy and more. I’ve posted a record of consistent success across all media: print, broadcast/video, Web, social media (I’m particularly adept in blogging environments) and mobile (Twitter, SMS, MMS) are all second nature.


  • Designed, wrote, executed lead generation campaign for mid-market corporate tax services provider that outperformed industry standards by 5-to-1 and leadership goals by 6-to-1. A similar campaign for a small pharmaceutical exchange startup drove a closing rate of 8-10%. (Read Case Study)
  • Developed detailed content strategy roadmap for large online marketer seeking to improve SEO performance and consolidate diffused brand equity by streamlining a suite of under-performing and unintegrated Web properties.
  • Developed strategy and creative for highly-rated video, audio and/or interactive internal communication and training suites for enterprises like Microsoft (view trailer), Kimberly Clark (view trailer – password: GNDI), TD Waterhouse, Avaya, Janney Montgomery Scott, Ericsson, Arrow Electronics, ADT, Jamba Juice and DaVita.


Case Studies


Sam Hill
FTIC Consulting

Sam is a great guy, absolutely brilliant—wonderful writer, very thoughtful and nuanced, broad and deep toolkit, especially skilled at social media and cutting edge comms techniques.

John Cavanaugh
VP of Strategy, Belgrave Associates

Sam has the uncanny knack for capturing the essence of the communicated word in a way that’s global in its thinking, no-nonsense in its approach and laser-like in its focus. He is a rare commodity in today’s skill-specific corporate environment. He is a gifted strategic thinker who understands marketing from both a conceptual and practical perspective. Bring him your most daunting challenges and he will provide you with exhaustive analysis, fresh yet sensible solutions and thoughtful execution. You need superfluous drivel? There are plenty of other places you can go for that.

Marti Smith
VP of Marketing, The Regis Group; Former VP of Marketing at US West, Accruit, Coors, AgStar, ShoreTel, Eastman Kodak, International Arabian Horse Assoc.

I have worked with Sam at US WEST Communications and Accruit. He has a good eye for compelling design on all marketing vehicles; open-minded creativity and imagination; fluid mapping of features to benefits in context; and an engaging flair for showmanship without showboating. Social media has created a completely new ecosystem with experts like Sam at the forefront. His work in social media is a powerful force multiplier. He can grasp the emergent relationships between the moving parts and optimize the dynamics of the whole. Not all marketers have to become programmers, but those like Sam who know their way around the mashable web of widgets and APIs create a competitive advantage for the companies they serve.

Sam is also one of the best marketing/PR writers I have ever known. I have worked with the top agencies in the country, and managed some of the biggest commercial brands. Sam ranks in the top 3% of those undeniably brilliant creative minds. Not only is he a talented writer, Sam has an extremely knowledgeable set of skills in employee-based strategy and organizational issues. It is difficult to find areas where Sam can’t contribute, if no less than to direct the outcome.

Deborah Levinson
Principal, Nimble Partners

Sam is a talented writer with a sharp eye for business strategy: what works, what doesn’t, and what just plain doesn’t make any sense. He understands how communications need to work together across multiple media, as well as what it takes to develop and execute a plan to create and deliver those communications. It’s always a pleasure to work with someone as intelligent as Sam, and I hope I have the opportunity to do so again in the future.

Steve Hammack
Manager, Internal Communications, DaVita

Sam’s breadth of knowledge and his expertise in so many areas make him a rarity in today’s world of ‘specialists.’ But if I were forced to offer his strongest point… it would have to be his writing. Sam’s ability to take a complex subject, or a simple topic, and craft a strong, interesting, easy-to-read – and grammatically perfect – piece is not only amazing but, more importantly, it’s consistent.