Research and Analysis

I’m skilled at examining a body of research and figuring out what it means and am comfortable with a wide range of methodologies: quantitative analysis, a variety of qualitative techniques (from focus groups to ethnographic to one-on-on-one interviews to participant observation), SEO and site traffic analytics, textual – all are potential sources of important business wisdom and both my professional and academic training have cultivated these capabilities.

In current role, employ a wide range of metrics platforms (including Google Analytics, ComScore, BrightEdge, SEM Rush, ahrefs, BuzzSumo, AdWords, plus proprietary company tools) to develop end-to-end content marketing strategies. In particular, have established a reputation as the group’s go-to for articulating online searcher behavior and building campaigns that are thoroughly grounded in data, connecting the dots between stated business goals and the interests of actual customers.


  • In-depth searcher behavior analysis helped prominent luxury/boutique hotel chain understand issues surrounding in-market cannibalization (multiple properties competing against each other) and develop strategy to help each hotel identify and focus marketing efforts on areas of unique strength.
  • Directed internal brand audit for major mobile telecommunications provider; identified the core causes of operational breakdowns across numerous customer touchpoints that were driving massive customer churn and hamstringing company growth. (Read Case Study)
  • Helped medical industry leader define, articulate evolving value proposition, establish messaging and programs to shore up flagging vascular access center and physician network relationships during highly competitive contract renewal cycle. Efforts revealed that at least one high-value partner identified as a lost cause was still in play.



David Tambling
Chief Strategist, SocialDirect; Former CEO, brandMIND

Sam Smith is a rare breed. Possessing both a keen intellect and creative flair, Sam has more than delivered on numerous projects. His ability to observe and rapidly analyze human behavior is brilliant. His ability to codify content and produce compelling written accounts is even better. Add in that he is a great all around personality and you have one heck of a business partner.

Connie Chesner
Principal, Chief Strategist, Right Brain Discovery

I hired Sam to conduct qualitative market research interviews while I was at OTM Partners. Sam conducted the interviews and provided the insights to our team, allowing us to analyze and draw conclusions about behavioral drivers of the target markets. Sam’s work was always on time and his rapport with interviewees excellent. I would recommend Sam’s work on qualitative interviews to anyone looking to receive quality data at a reasonable price by someone talented at creating connections rapidly.

Former Senior Executive
Sprint Mobile
I know nothing about who [Sam Smith and Anders Gronstedt] are or how they work, but anybody who can penetrate as deeply as they have into what is rarely discussed with candor, and declare themselves so fiercely, constitutes a force to be reckoned with.