Leadership, Training and Talent Development

I have managed the activities of everything from traditional direct reports to complex distributed teams working across the organization (and beyond – successful projects have involved multiple vendor entities in different times zones and occasionally on different continents).

Past employers have noted my strong commitment to developing the skills of colleagues and junior staff. I’ve dedicated extensive energy to mentoring employees and have substantial experience in corporate training, having in recent years developed a wide range of sales, service, change management and HR (diversity and inclusion) programs for large enterprises.

360° management: I bring strong organizational communication and dynamics skills to any task. My applied experience in a wide range of complex organizations has been augmented with academic and theoretical study, as I’ve taught organizational dynamics, business social intelligence, managing distributed teams and a variety of other management and professional development courses at the graduate level. As a result, I’ve developed a talent for establishing and growing relationships with key stakeholders across the enterprise.


  • Ran electronic communications operations for Fortune 150 telecom serving employee audience of 50,000+. Used intranet and affiliated channels to shape employee attitudes and awareness of industry news and emerging trends, promoting consumer loyalty, brand ambassadorship and more informed understanding of the issues surrounding a looming labor/bargaining cycle.
  • Conceived, developed strategy and directed execution of the internal dealer network program Volvo Cars North America PR leadership credited with making its Drive for Life Days one of the nation’s largest ever one-time fundraisers for local charity. The campaign generated over 100 million media impressions and was the most successful promotion in company history. Engagement was exceptional: 400 managers at Volvo’s 350 retailers took the course and nearly 90% rated it as “effective” or “very effective.” (Read Case Study)
  • Directed creative development and event management for key training session at large telecom provider’s annual flagship sales meeting (2000+ participants). Blended format involved complex video scripting and production, training of client’s senior executives and coordination with numerous event day vendors. Program earned strong reviews from leaders and attendees.
  • Former students and employees now hold a wide range of management and leadership positions around the country.

Case Studies



Joseph Lopez
Webmaster, Railroad Commission of Texas

I worked directly under Sam while working at US West Communications in Denver, CO. He’s a true professional who personifies the term “grace under pressure.” When describing Sam, two incidents stand out that truly defined his character. First, he stood out as a leader when the company was fractured by a strike, and remained calm and professional when our company covered the Columbine tragedy. Since then, Sam has established himself as one of the top critical thinkers in the realm of mass communications. He has wonderful insight into the buying and working habits of Gen Y and can give a great critical analysis of your company’s marketing campaigns.

Dr. Denny Wilkins
Professor of Journalism, St. Bonaventur
e University
I have known Sam for more than two decades — as fellow student, then faculty colleague, and now friend and mentor. I have watched him become an intellectual force. He has pursued this through the due diligence of reading widely, of listening intently, of entertaining opposing views and of questioning intelligently. His attention to detail, common sense and discipline leave him remarkably equipped for tasks requiring intellectual and creative leadership. It is this skill set that he used to found a well-regarded online journal while keeping the peace among its creative staff of smart, independent-minded writers. He understands what so many never do: that the hardest people to manage are volunteers. If you don’t have the leverage of job security or money to wield, you have to do it with vision and pure people skills. If you can manage in these circumstances, you can probably manage anywhere.

Elizabeth Gazda
VP of Business Development at Noteflight

Strategic thinker, wordsmith, thought-leader and new media wizard, Sam brings something to the party that no one else can. That is why, when my partner and I decided to start a business, Sam was the first person I called.