Case Studies

Direct Marketing Campaign: The company needed to drive fresh leads. Unfortunately, its clients were in a depression, the data was a trainwreck and there was very little budget. We responded by driving results that were five times industry standards.

Online PR: Every day, thousands of unhappy customers were getting together to slam the company’s products, service and brand reputation. Something amazing happened when we engaged them.

Online Guerrilla PR: It was 1999 and our customers had turned to online discussion forums to vent their anger at perceived service deficits. How did you engage these potentially volatile environments without igniting a firestorm?

Brand Audit: The brand made a broad, compelling promise. But the company was failing deliver at every customer touchpoint. We found out why.

Strategy, Training/e-Learning: Tightening budgets, expanding missions – how could we help the client leverage a nationwide network of retailers to help solve this problem?

Sales Training/e-Learning: The client’s sales force knew its portfolio, but was selling too low in the organization and was far more likely to push boxes than to understand the potential of the consultative opportunity.

Diversity & Inclusion Training: Just because your company understands Diversity 101 – Thou Shalt Not – doesn’t mean it isn’t excluding important contributions from some of its best people.